HOTFIX 0.19.12

Just a quick HOTFIX for Version 0.19.12

IsiTheFups had an issue starting PEBI after our most recent update and was so kind to help with the debugging process.

PEBI launched and was closed immediately without seeing the window (the Task Manager revealed it started).

There are these "numeric" input fields, they have a min and a max value. I changed those min/max values over time and they could have been set to a value that is not supported anymore in PEBI.
Setting such a wrong value during load results in this crash behavior.

Since this hotfix doesn't add anything new to PEBIs feature list you won't get an update notice, its just preemptive for everyone who might have the same Issue.

I am really sorry for this and I hope all affected users still enjoy PEBIs company ๐Ÿน๐Ÿ’–

Files 35 MB
Jul 04, 2022
pebi_demo.tar.gz 37 MB
Jul 04, 2022 37 MB
Jul 04, 2022
pebi.tar.gz 35 MB
Jul 04, 2022 35 MB
Jul 04, 2022

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Glad i could help. \o/