A lot of features and improvements happened since the last major update.
Also: PEBI is coming to steam!


Wishlist now on steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/2192700/PEBI__Preview_Emotes_Badges_Icons/ (to appease the god algorithm).




Create banner for steam, itch.io, facebook, twitter, youtube and more with ease.
Yes, I created PEBIs steam banner with PEBI.

Creating steam banner, or any other social media banner in bulk takes a lot of time and is taxing and takes a lot of time. Having a specialized tool for that definitely saved me this time so much time that making this tool nearly payed it back in just 2 sittings.


I will NEVER EVER have to create an .ICO file in gimp EVER AGAIN!
(here checking the validity of my newly created ICO file with gimp)

QR-Code maker

I activated 2fa for discord and got logged out on my phone. Getting my 40+ char password from my PC to my phone sounded like "i don't want to do that manually", but didn't wanted to paste it on a random QR-Code generator for ibvious reasons.

So I just added it to PEBI ^^


And of course the most important feature of all: more quotes from VanlauJasmineitor and Plush in the PEBI launcher!

Change Log

And of course the change log. Everything that has changed since the last release with a change log since version 0.21.5

*  (tag: 0.22.3) added steam ad, optimized splash screens to non blocking anymore (7 hours ago)
*  fix hidden dev tools for steam (2 minutes ago)
*  (tag: 0.22.2dev) fix steam api bugs (88 minutes ago)
*  (tag: 0.22.1dev) added SteamWorks API (2 hours ago)
*  (tag: 0.22.0dev) prepare steam release 0.22.0 (35 hours ago)
*  added play store banner #70 (35 hours ago)
*  refactoring #70 (2 days ago)
*  fix layer re-order bug #70 (2 days ago)
*  steam demo detection (2 days ago)
*  added layer re-ordering #70 (2 days ago)
*  move build scripts to buildhubsch (4 days ago)
*  fix branding (5 days ago)
*  use buildhubsch and prepare steam release (5 days ago)
*  Added the submodule to the project. (5 days ago)
*  Advanced Preview sets all images as first image from sheet on export fixes #65 (5 days ago)
*  icon maker #66 (6 days ago)
*  stop tracking image folders (6 days ago)
*  added right-click feature #76 (6 days ago)
*  enable itch tab #70 (7 days ago)
*  working unscaling for export banner maker #70 (9 days ago)
*  first working version banner maker #70 (9 days ago)
*  banner maker #70 (9 days ago)
*  typo (9 days ago)
*  more Jasmineitor and Plush quotes (10 days ago)
*  improving ads code (10 days ago)
*  Text 2 QR-Code (10 days ago)
*  banner maker #70 (10 days ago)
*  Emote Display Maker: twitch images were added when tab 2 was focused, not 3 (off by 1) (10 days ago)
*  Emote Display Maker: clear all #76 (10 days ago)
*  banner maker #70 (10 days ago)
*  (tag: version (11 days ago)
*  Advanced Preview: crash when opening without selecting an image #71 merge (13 days ago)
*  impose new max image limit on emote sheet geenrator 50x50 (13 days ago)
*  (tag: 0.21.12dev) Emote Display Maker: watermark emotes #67 (2 weeks ago)
*  animator: export with watermark #34 (2 weeks ago)
*  animator: solid background color #35 (2 weeks ago)
*  (tag: 0.21.11dev) Advanced Preview sets all images as first image from sheet on export fixes #65 (2 weeks ago)
*  (tag: 0.21.10dev) save names for export #23 (2 weeks ago)
*  (tag: 0.21.9dev) added configurable reload event delay for #63 (2 weeks ago)
*  (tag: 0.21.8) Emote Display Maker: remove doesnt remove the image #62 (3 weeks ago)
*  (tag: 0.21.7) fixing bugs in Texture View: tiling / tilesheet aware #57 (4 weeks ago)
*  (tag: 0.21.6) version 0.21.6 (4 weeks ago)
*  Emote Sheet "save as" closes #60 (4 weeks ago)
*  manually take control-screenshot (very primitive version!) Emote Display Maker: transparent pixels on copy #61 (4 weeks ago)
*  Emote Display Maker: reload added images on resize fixes #59 (4 weeks ago)


pebi.zip 36 MB
Oct 19, 2022
pebi_demo.zip 37 MB
Oct 19, 2022
pebi_development_build.zip 37 MB
Oct 31, 2022

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