0.23 Theme Park + Steam release

PEBI available on STEAM

We make it short: PEBI is now available on STEAM https://store.steampowered.com/app/2192700/PEBI__Preview_Emotes_Badges_Icons/ 

We will provide steam keys to everyone who bought PEBI in the past and buys PEBI in the future on itch.io, after the steam launch sale.

Why after the sale?
Because when people want to use PEBIs steam key, this is totally intended. BUT your steam review, if you want to support us, will not count into the steam ranking for reviews when using a key not bought on steam directly.
Nobody! has to buy PEBI twice! but if you want/can support us later, you can always use PEBIs demo on steam in the mean time.
Maybe you want to wait with that until we have more features or bug fixes.
Every possibility and combination that works for you is fine and intentionally open and encourage from our side.
This is just about the consequences when you use the provided steam key you might want to be aware of.

So we give people a bit of time to get more familiar with this problem and the update post email reaches everyone.

We have a bit more Information about that here: https://twitter.com/SpielmannSpiel/status/1577268832821215232 


PupTea requested a "Dark Mode" and I was like: "That's a great idea, but just a dark mode, the code is basically identically when I would make customizable themes...." so you get a "Dark Mode" and you can make your own Themes for PEBI!

Also PupTea was so kind and just created a way better Dark Theme than I could, so it is now included in PEBI as "PupTea: Extra Dark".

Steam Workshop integration and an more easy editor than raw XML-files is also planned.


But wait! THERE IS MORE (as always ^^).

Because of what's going on on Twitter these days, we added Mastodon emote preview and many other additions and improvements.

Full change log:

*  added Itch Cover Image Update Post (16:9) (54 seconds ago)
*  move additional settings from profile to the normal settings, added hidden steam achievement (20 hours ago)
*  advanced preview: fix add one bug on mastodon (21 hours ago)
*  added PupTea Extra Dark Theme (22 hours ago)
*  advanced preview: set names and colors #89 (24 hours ago)
*  advanced preview: added YT (5 days ago)
*  banner maker fix positions (5 days ago)
*  added mastodon banner size (5 days ago)
*  better release method (8 days ago)
*  (tag: 0.22.8dev) advanced preview: mastodon #84 (8 days ago)
*  better release method (9 days ago)
*  Banner Maker Right Click: better UI #70 (9 days ago)
*  (tag: 0.22.7dev) version (9 days ago)
*  PEBI themes #64 (9 days ago)
*  (tag: 0.22.6dev) remove check for line thickness  9 in tile generator (2 weeks ago)
*  change build options (2 weeks ago)
*  (tag: 0.22.5dev) tile generator: chess coloring #79 (2 weeks ago)
*  Twitch banner #73 (3 weeks ago)
*  dont commit external lib binaries (3 weeks ago)
*  added ffmpeg to steam (3 weeks ago)
*  refactoring classes (3 weeks ago)
*  refactoring folder structure (3 weeks ago)
*  integrate steam upload (3 weeks ago)
*  (tag: 0.22.4) fix OK dialog on dev splash screen (3 weeks ago)
*  making PEBI steam compliant (3 weeks ago)
*  update buildhubsch (3 weeks ago)
*  added steam publishing scripts (3 weeks ago)
*  (tag: 0.22.3) added steam ad, optimized splash screens to non blocking anymore (3 weeks ago)
*  fix hidden dev tools for steam (3 weeks ago)


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67 days ago
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67 days ago
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67 days ago

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