With a small update comes great feature!

Tile Sheet Generator

Generate the tile sheets to draw on the way YOU want them in the easiest way possible.
Drawing area, spacing, how many, color, you decide what you need, PEBI delivers.

Dropping Linux Support

I needed an external library for the best GIF support, which I couldn't get to work under Linux.
This is not the quality we want to deliver, failing our own standards, and therefore it's better to ax the support than making an inferior product.
I am very sorry to everyone who bought PEBI for the Linux support and you will get a refund if you want.


Here is the forum question about refunds: https://itch.io/t/129454/how-are-refunds-handled

To request a refund, please contact support with your purchase information and send them the link to this update post. 
This should be enough to trigger the refund and we will just grant it.

Developer mumbo jumbo

The library I used for GIF support should work, and it does, but not in the way I made PEBI a single executable and since I couldn't get PEBI to build under Linux and couldn't attach a Debugger to actually fix it.
Putting print statements all over the place was also not enough to get to the root of it. It works just fine under Windows. 

The solution so far was to just add a check when PEBI runs under Linux and show a message that this feature was just not supported (which is already annoying).
But since then these feature(s) creeped into every corner of the source code and I can no longer just build checks everywhere. As a hobby side-project this is just too much work to maintain.

IF I find a solution for this, Linux support will definitely come back, but currently there is no hope.

Change Log

And the change logs of course. All changes since the last patch: PATCH 0.19.14

*  (tag: 0.20.3) Release Version (28 minutes ago)
*  typo (28 minutes ago)
*  added steam Achievement sizes (31 minutes ago)
*  trying to add support to loading apng, unsucessfully. ffmpeg does not support loading apgn yet (46 minutes ago)
*  (tag: 0.20.2dev) added quotes to dev splashscreen (2 weeks ago)
*  added missing hideAd (2 weeks ago)
*  added more quotes (2 weeks ago)
*  Texture View: weird line on 9 fixed #44 (3 weeks ago)
*  make it more dynamic (3 weeks ago)
*  added message box (3 weeks ago)
*  (tag: 0.20.1dev) fix tile generator crash, added tile generator branding and infos (3 weeks ago)
*  (tag: 0.20.0dev) tile sheet generator first version #18 (4 weeks ago)
*  (tag: 0.19.15) fix Animator: speed is always 100ms #51 (4 weeks ago)
*  making the build script dynamic (4 weeks ago)


pebi_demo.zip 37 MB
Sep 19, 2022
pebi.zip 36 MB
Sep 19, 2022
pebi_development_build.zip 36 MB
Sep 19, 2022

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Thank you for your hard work as always! The Tile Sheet Generator has been a lifechanger, as everything else with PEBI hehe.