The most visible feature is the multi-file selection, auto generating a tile sheet from multiple selected supported Images. This also allows you to load GIFs (with... mixed results ^^) back into PEBI.

NOTE: The images should have the same size. Technically they don't have to but then you will get weird effects, like the moving PEBI in the following example. Originally it was rotating in place, the movement comes from one of the images being bigger.

The sheet was created from 2 GIFs and one PNG file:

The resulting GIF:


JujiBla's new "leave" emote, which was created in After Effects and exported in Photoshop, didn't load quite right due to some optimizations from the exporter.
There are things I do not think I can fix, so it will be always a bit of a "may or may not work" kinda situation.

Vanlau's "wobbel" emote on the other hand worked perfectly


PEBI now supports previewing tiling textures in the "Texture View", so your drawing program does not have to support it and will greatly help you creating repeating textures.


A less visible change gives PEBI the ability to use many of your precious CPU cores, giving it even more performance.
This will greatly improve PEBIs performance working with bigger (pixel wise) tile sheets.


And what update post would be complete without a change log that no one ever reads ^^

*  (tag: 0.19.11) 0.19.11 (5 days ago)
*  fix potentially 0 size image conversion crash
   during down scaling on too wide/high images (5 days ago)
*  (tag: 0.19.10dev) change "file not found" routine for
   very large files taking too long to be written and stop
   existing mid-loading #48 (2 weeks ago)
*  (tag: 0.19.9dev) 0.19.9 (3 weeks ago)
*  show single image in export preview
   for allowing naming a single image, fixes #46 (3 weeks ago)
*  (tag: 0.19.8dev) added finish message to animator export
   (3 weeks ago)
*  auto settings for combined image #27 (3 weeks ago)
*  add interlace gif loading #27 (3 weeks ago)
*  (tag: 0.19.7dev) allow gif-frame-loading #27 (4 weeks ago)
*  more and better icons, i like icons <3 (4 weeks ago)
*  fix Texture View: weird line on 9 #44 (4 weeks ago)
*  (tag: 0.19.6dev) fix multifile support scaling issues #27
   (4 weeks ago)
*  fix splashscreen messagebox bug (4 weeks ago)
*  wip multifile support #27 (4 weeks ago)
*  new quote (4 weeks ago)
*  (tag: 0.19.5dev) more and better export messages and safe guards
   (4 weeks ago)
*  new quote (4 weeks ago)
*  little cleanuo (4 weeks ago)
*  (tag: 0.19.4dev) AssemblyInfo.cs und previewResizer.csproj
   aktualisiert (5 weeks ago)
*  fix no export bug when: "no tiling" but "export selected"
   was selected (5 weeks ago)
*  big images break export fixes #43 (5 weeks ago)
*  fixes Reset selected image number on Open File to 1 [TextureView]
   #40 (5 weeks ago)
*  reload image with F5 #41 (5 weeks ago)
*  possible solution for sometimes image rewrite is ignored #42
   (5 weeks ago)
*  fix pixel index bug (5 weeks ago)
*  (tag: 0.19.3dev) increase version 0.19.3dev (5 weeks ago)
*  set first pixel as initial value (5 weeks ago)
*  fix "index out if range" and lock the list! (5 weeks ago)
*  (tag: 0.19.2dev) start using multithreading (5 weeks ago)
*  start using multithreading (5 weeks ago)
*  before switching to hasImageContentUnsafe (5 weeks ago)
*  getAllImagesWithContent parralel (5 weeks ago)
*  dont show empty images in texture mode, try to optimize the
   "has image content" function #38 (5 weeks ago)
*  (tag: 0.19.1dev) both previews clipboard mode #38 (5 weeks ago)
*  texture mode 9 #38 (5 weeks ago)
*  (tag: 0.19.0dev) texture mode #38 (5 weeks ago)
*  file options: use "Nr" in name #39 (5 weeks ago)
*  re-re-rearrange export mode RDBs (5 weeks ago)
*  set frame time limit back to 100 (6 weeks ago)
*  hotfix images (6 weeks ago)


pebi_development_build.zip 35 MB
Jun 14, 2022
pebi.zip 35 MB
Jun 30, 2022
pebi.tar.gz 35 MB
Jun 30, 2022
pebi_demo.zip 37 MB
Jun 30, 2022
pebi_demo.tar.gz 37 MB
Jun 30, 2022
pebi_development_build.zip 35 MB
Jun 30, 2022

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