Quality of life UPDATE - 1.2.0

Hello everyone,

the Easter Headcrab has hid a present for you! The quality of life update.

We have a few things in store for you:

  • more EXCELlent coordinates
    • enter coordinates more EXCEL-style
    • before:
      !line a 1 d 7 salmon
      (this still works)
    • now:
      !line a1 d7 salmon
  • color shortcuts
    • colors selected by the streamer can now be entered by numbers
    • before:
      !line a 1 d 7 #fa8072
    • now:
      !line a1 d7 #1
  • space
    • twitch doesn't show when you accidental enter more than 1 space between words / commands
    • too many spaces will now be ignored and the command will still work as intended
  • start a new drawing from the main menu or continue your last one
  • show the last drawing size in the main menu

That's all folks and we wish you happy Easter.

- The SpielmannSpiel team


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Apr 04, 2021

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